5-Axis CNC Milling Machine LAMBDA ST

 Lambda ST CNC milling machine - design and components

The LAMBDA ST 5-axis CNC milling machine is a machining center with a classic design - a movable portal moving along the working table. This portal milling machine stands out from other similar designs available on the market in that the portal not only has rack-and-pinion servo drives on both sides, but also has a double rail guide system. 

The guides are placed one above the other at a distance ensuring very high stability of work and precise CNC milling of: composite and aluminum forms, GRP laminates, hardened modeling paste (RenPaste 4666, Araldite).

CNC accessories

Many types of CNC accessories are available for the LAMBDA ST series machines, such as

  1. measuring probes,
  2. tool cooling systems (compressed air, oil mist),
  3. vacuum pumps or other innovative workpiece clamping systems.

The Use of CNC Lambda ST

Depending on the use of the CNC milling machine, the type of material being processed or other production factors, the machine may be, instead of the basic security fence, equipped with a casing with a roof made of sandwich panels, which will reduce noise, increase safety and improve the comfort of the CNC operator. 

You can choose from machine tables, which can have a surface made of various materials and have a structure adapted to the required CNC machining elements mounting system (raster tables, T-slot tables, hybrid tables). The tool changer system can be equipped with automatic tool magazines, as required - fixed (linear) at the edge of the processing table or turret (rotary), which is mounted to the portal column.

Configure the machine to meet your technological needs

Thanks to their versatility and many available equipment options, Lambda ST 5-axis CNC milling machines reach many recipients in many industries: modeling, foundry, automotive, shipbuilding, aviation and railway industries, starting from plants producing plastics, composite materials, processing aluminum (molds, models - models made of waterproof plywood, models of yachts, hooves of boats, pedal boats, car bodies), production of furniture and interior design, to art and sculpture. We approach each client individually, guaranteeing satisfaction and satisfaction with our CNC machines and services.

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